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2018 in London, GB

We are helping Alfie to change the way people discover skilled people to hire and make quick, easy payments.

Tiipr is the latest company to launch out of E-Man Ventures Labs. Alfie approached us with the idea and we felt that the timing was right, so decided to work with the passionate founding team of Alfie, Marco, Barry and Ozay to execute the business.

Tiipr is now up and running and gaining recognition as the pioneering gratuities and payments app in the UK.


'As an E-Man founder, I have been able to clearly see the value at first hand, not just in product development, but company-creation as a whole. E-Man has contributed significant value to the UK economy by helping entrepreneurs like myself to bring ideas to life'. 

Alfie Scarborough - Founder and CEO


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April 3, 2020

Cashless Tipping

The local service and people discovery app that offers free card payments We’d like to introduce you to Tiipr — the newest app created by E-Man Venture Labs, it’s now available to download for free. So what does it do? It combines two things: it offers a unique, location-aware platform which lets you send and receive free card payments directly into your bank account, with no need for a card reader. And it’s a marketplace which lets you discover and rate local services — anyone, whether a sole trader, an individual or a local business can sign up, for free....
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