Well partnership announced!

Well Pharmacy has begun a partnership with ZoomDoc to provide its patients with a 24/7 access to a doctor online. 

Patients who wish to access the service will have to pay £35 for a phone or video consultation and £125 for a home visit.

Well said the partnership with ZoomDoc – a health tech service which allows users to have instant access to experienced, UK-qualified GPs – will provide its patients and customers a “choice in how they can access a doctor”.

Commenting on the partnership, Claire O’Connell, Director of IT and Digital at Well, said, “As a community pharmacy, we’re constantly looking for innovative developments that can improve how health and wellbeing services are delivered. As patients lead busier lives, and as it becomes harder to see your GP quickly or at a convenient time, having the ability to pay for an online doctor consultation could be a solution.”

The chain has been providing pharmacy services for over 70 years across the UK. While pharmacists are increasingly being seen as a first port of call for health and wellbeing advice and for the treatment of minor ailments, sometimes, patients still need to be referred to a doctor – whether for a prescription or for further consultation, the company said in a statement.

“It’s in these circumstances that we believe our patients will value the convenient 24/7 access to a doctor,” continues Claire. “It’s about providing choice and convenience in the patient’s healthcare journey.”

Dr Kenny Livingstone, CEO and Chief Medical Officer for ZoomDoc, said: “Our team of great Doctors from across the UK are excited to support Well Pharmacy and their patients with the rollout of telemedicine, and home visiting services.

“Working closely, the Well/ZoomDoc partnership will drive both digital health tech innovation and most importantly, improved access to great care to millions of families across the UK at a time when healthcare is at the forefront of all of our minds.”

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